At DFW Paychecks we offer affordable and competitive pricing for all of our clients payroll processing needs. We would like the chance of discuss with you what your options for payroll processing services are and encourage you to contact us to set up a consultation.

We feel confident that once you have consulted with us you will understand the value of payroll outsourcing. The outsourcing allows you to focus on growing your business.

We offer different options to fit your business model.

Affordable Payroll Rates
Per Check Fee
Batch Processing Fee
Payroll Delivery Charge
***The three items above represent all monthly or service charges.
Quarterly Payroll Tax Reporting Fees
New Employer Set-Up Fee
Optional Services
Annual W-3 Transmittal and W-2 Printing/Mailing
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DFW Paychecks payroll services are an affordable and efficient solution for your company
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Proudly serving Arlington TX and the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) area.
Choosing a payroll provider can be a challenge. There are often a lot of hidden fees for the little things you don't expect. At DFW Paychecks, our payroll rates are affordable and easy to understand. We want to be your business partner for a long time to come, and we want to grow with your business. Compare our payroll costs or learn more about our payroll rates below.
Our per check fee varies depending on the number of employees receiving checks or direct deposits and the payroll freqency. Cost typically varies from $.95 to $1.50 a check. The higher the number of checks, the lower the cost per check.
The base expense associated with opening, processing, and closing a payroll period. It establishes the base price for processing a payroll and covers ancillary operating expenses such as bank fees, ACH fees, direct deposits, check stock, and software related expenses.
Any cost of mailing hard checks is a "pass through" cost only. We do provide paperless solutions including direct deposit, online/emailed reports, and employee online access for those wishing to remove shipping expenses.
At the end of each quarter, State and Federal Quarterly reports must be sent along with tax payments for employer/employee taxes such as 1. Social Security/Medicare Tax, 2. Federal Unemployment Tax, 3. State Unemployment Tax, and 4. Local Tax (if applicable in your city). DFW Paychecks provides this service to all of our clients and is included with our monthly payroll processing charge. There is no separate charge for this service.
At the end of the year, we will file the necessary forms with the Social Security Administration and provide W-2 statements to all employees.
Setting up a new employer takes time. We need to establish the client and employees in our software system, convert data and register as a tax payer, configure report options, direct deposits, and general ledger set-up. Our base charge for new employer up to 10 employees is $100.00. Set-up fees vary depending on conversion process for employers with more than 10 employees.

DFW Paychecks may provide optional services for clients such as our HR Service Center, 401(k) products, insurance and benefit solutions. Please contact a Payroll Specialist for more information about the costs associated with these services.
DFW Paychecks provides a wide variety of comprehensive payroll services. We service clients in towns such as Arlington, Mansfield, Kennedale, Fort Worth, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Grand Prairie and Cedar Hill and all Tarrant County, Texas.
Arlington, Texas zip codes: 76001, 76002, 76003, 76004, 76005, 76006, 76007, 76008, 76009, 76010, 76011, 76012, 76013, 76014, 76015, 76016, 76017, 76018, 76019, 76094 and 76096
Mansfield, Texas: 76063 and Kennedale 76060