By saving time you are saving money, especially when that time can be better utilized on more productive tasks. If someone in your company is preparing the payroll, it is a good bet the amount of time spent on payroll tasks is vastly underestimated. This time can be more effectively allocated to other needs that provide larger benefits.
Q: If DFW Payroll makes an error in filing, who is responsible for penalties?
Q: What are the benefits of oursourcing my payroll to DFW Paychecks?
A: Saving time.
Eliminating penalties.
Saving money.
Q: Does DFW Paychecks handle quarterly payroll forms?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why should I choose DFW Paychecks over one of the larger, more national chains?
A: Yes! Employees provide us with their personal account and routing numbers and through our bank we securely transfer the payroll funds to them each pay period. Their pay is conveniently deposited directly into their accounts. They also get a printed pay stub for their records.
Q: I am currently with ADP, Paychex, or some other provider. How hard is it for me to switch to your services?
A: If we make an error with payment of taxes or filings, we will fund any IRS or state penalties, with interest,if there is an error on our part.

A: Switching to our payroll outsourcing services is simple and the majority of our clients switched from a company like Paychex or ADP once they compare our services. At DFW Paychecks we make that transition to make the move from your current payroll provider to us as seamless as possible.
Q: Can you do my payroll taxes? What other tax services do you offer?

A: We offer full tax services from calculating employee withholding through all year end tax filings including 940 & 941 quarterly returns and deposits, state unemployment insurance (SUI) returns, all state wage returns, as well as federal and state W2's. Whatever your tax needs are, we have them covered.

A: The national firms spend a lot of money on advertising, overhead and paying executive salaries. We are a well-managed firm without much overhead. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide payroll services at very affordable prices.
Q: Do you offer direct deposit?
Q: I heard employees can get paid by some sort of employee payroll card.
DFW Paychecks
A: Yes. Intuit Pay Card is a brand name for a payroll debit card. A payroll debit card is a card that allows an employee to access their pay by using a card that looks and acts like a bank debit card. A payroll debit cards can be more convenient than using a check casher, because it can be used at participating automatic teller machines to withdraw cash, or in retail environments to make purchases. Each pay period, we simply add money to the PayCard account so the employee can keep using their card. There are various fees paid by the employee for choosing to use a Pay Card instead of being issued a regular check, but in most cases, the benefits outweigh the downsides to using this method of payment.
**click here for more information about the Intuit Pay Card
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An average business owner can spend several hours each pay period calculating payroll and payroll taxes, preparing paychecks, and distributing the paychecks to the employees. More time is spent preparing the quarterly and year-end payroll tax forms. Outsourcing your payroll, allows you to eliminate most of that time and to spend it more productively.
Many companies get fined hundreds of dollars on an annual basis due to late payments of taxes or late tax filings. By outsourcing to us, you can eliminate the worry of facing IRS penalties.
A: Yes, all quarterly and annual payroll tax forms will be filed by us.
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