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Do you wish to deposit your net paycheck into one account, or do you want your paycheck split into 100 separate accounts? Or maybe you’re interested in PayCard, another easy and convenient way to get paid? No matter what your personal choice is, DFW Paychecks is here to handle all your payroll processing options.
Give your employees secure and timely access to their funds while you enjoy the benefit of no outstanding or lost paychecks. Direct deposit will not only free you from having to be present at work to sign paychecks, but it will also eliminate any time your employees’ take off to deposit their paycheck. We can electronically deposit employee paychecks directly into their bank accounts, eliminating time-consuming trips to the bank and the risk of lost or stolen checks.
The Intuit Pay Card Mastercard is a free option for you to pay your employees. Simply deposit your employees pay - at no charge - onto the debit card each pay day. Employees get fast access to their pay without trips to the check cashing store or bank. It allows an employee to access their pay by using a card that looks and acts like a bank debit card. This can be more convenient than using a check casher, because it can be used at participating automatic teller machines to withdraw cash, or in retail environments to make purchases. Each pay period, we simply add money to the Pay Card account so the employee can keep using their card. There are various fees paid by the employee for choosing to use a Pay Card instead of being issued a regular check, but in most cases, the benefits outweigh the downsides to using this method of payment. Intuit Pay Cards – A wonderful compliment to our direct deposit service – pay cards are great for employees who do not have a bank account.
Intuit Pay Card
Direct Deposit
Payroll Checks
DFW Paychecks offers a variety of options including Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly pay frequencies to ensure that payroll is processed the way that best meets the needs of employers and their employees. Options include checks written off of our clients’ bank account or checks written off of DFW Paychecks central payroll account. In addition, checks (signed and sealed if requested) can either be mailed to our clients’ place of business and/or Direct Deposits into employees' designated bank account (s) or PayCards can be initiated. Lastly, DFW Paychecks offers the ability for our clients to print checks at their place of business.

Other options include: automated check signing, envelope stuffing and direct mailing to employees. We will cater to your needs at affordable prices.
DFW Paychecks
Intuit Pay Card are a great option for employees who:
Don't have a bank account:
Want to avoid bank overdraft fees:
Want to keep some of their money separate:
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Some employees choose to put a portion of their pay on a pay card to help with budgeting or to set money aside for a vacation!
Employees can access their pay on pay day without the hassle or cost of cashing their checks.
Employees can't overdraft with this card.
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